DUCO Content Creators' Corner

Unleash your creativity and earn rewards.

Welcome to the Duino-Coin Content Creators' Corner, your gateway to earning DUCO while showcasing your creativity. Share your passion by submitting your videos, blog posts, articles or other content and get rewarded in DUCO.

Creators corner has been closed

New submissions are not longer accepted. Maybe it will be reopened in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What content can be submitted?

  • Videos (e.g. on YouTube)
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Websites
  • Promo photos
  • Other DUCO-related content
  • Example content ideas

  • Tutorials
  • Showcases
  • Mining rig builds
  • Tips & tricks
  • Raports
  • Other DUCO-related content
  • How much DUCO can I earn?

    Rewards depend on the quality of submitted content. Each submission will be manually reviewed before rewarding.
    • Website: up to 100 000 DUCO
    • Video: up to 80 000 DUCO
    • Text: up to 15 000 DUCO
    • Banners: up to 5 000 DUCO
    • Other: depends on the quality and content
    Please note that these rates are for informational purposes only. For example, a carefully crafted video with a lot of work put into it will receive a much higher reward than a minute-long one with bad lighting.
    Exceptionally good content will get featured on our Discord server, our websites or the wallet and may receive even higher rewards.

    Don't forget the username

    Please make sure your work contains your Duino-Coin username.
    You can place it in the video description, at the end of a blog post or other visible place so we can verify it's yours. Submitted work without your wallet name will not be rewarded.

    Content submission form