Get your account verified

To get your Duino-Coin account verified, please carefully read the verification criteria and then fill out the form below. You will receive a response from us within 24 hours.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Unverified accounts can not send Duino-Coins and create exchange requests. Verification was added after a cheater wave that happened around the summer of 2021. Hackers were emulating low-powered devices with unofficial softwares and exchanged DUCO to other coins taking all the rewards from genuine miners.

What will happen with unverified accounts?

Owners of unverified accounts get e-mailed, and if they don't respond, their accounts get closed. DUCOs get transferred to either the giveaways or coinexchange accounts, where they will be used for community events or providing exchange liquidity.

I changed my hardware, do I need to verify again?

There's no need to resend the verification if you change your rig, but keep in mind that we can ask for re-verification at any time if we see something's wrong/suspicious.

Are you here to re-verify your account?

If you got your verified status changed back to unverified and you're not doing any nasty things, it's possible that there's something wrong with your rig. Remember that the Kolka system checks for lots of variables in each of your miner and if they differ a lot from expected values, you may encounter these issues. Make sure you're using official and up-to-date softwares.

Instructions on getting verified

Firstly, make sure to turn on your miners so they appear in your wallet.
In the form below, fill in your username and write a short description on what you're mining on.
In the file input box you have to include a photo that will show your username written (or printed) on a piece of paper and your miners.
If you can not fit all your miners in one photo, describe it in the description box.
Example verification image
This is not a KYC verification, we are not asking for a photo of your ID/face/etc. - we just need a photo of your miners with your username on a piece of paper. That's it!

Verification form