Activity summary Hey there! Just letting everyone know about the latest work from my side. I was busy last month with renovation of my room (suspended ceiling, completely new electrical work, floor panels.. took some time :P) Anyway, here's what's new:
  • New mining node: Micro-node-1 (hosted in Finland, operated by me), for now it's a test of a new hosting service, possibly the star-node will be moved to the same hosting
  • Sync improvements: transactions and balances now use checkpoints to sync quite a bit faster between our API servers with better performancce
  • Kolka trust score, an extension of the current verification and warning system will be released in the upcoming days/week(s). Users with high trust score will even gain exchange and mining bonuses
Posted by revox
28/03/23 20:30

Store notice Due to issues with Teespring, aka Spring nowadays (e.g. parcels being untracked, print quality getting worse and unexpected import duties) the Duino-Coin store will be moved to Bonfire in the upcoming days.
Posted by revox
25/02/23 12:22

😎 Release 3.4 is out A new release is out with all improvements done since the last one (3.33) released in October. Updating to this release is optional; GitHub link
Posted by revox
10/02/23 22:57

iNFTernet has launched! Hello everyone! Today I'd like to announce a new project made by me and @Pakiezel!
πŸ‘‰ iNFTernet, a site where you can buy and trade cells with cryptocurrencies 😎
πŸ‘‰ Once bought, a cell will be always yours, unless you decide to sell it on the marketπŸ’°
πŸ‘‰ Each cell can be customized to your liking with images and texts! πŸ“·
Interested in owning a piece of the internet?
πŸ‘‰ See you at!
Posted by revox
7/02/23 11:00

Beware of fake websites! Attention! There are fake Duino wallet websites (e.g. ⚠️) that are phishing attempts to steal your account. Some users have already fell victim to this but we were able to revert most of the transactions.
The only official wallet is and the Duino-Coin Companion app on Google Play.
We will be taking steps about this situation shortly.
Posted by revox
31/01/23 11:41

πŸ•ΉοΈ Duino-Coin + Commodore64? Check what @paranoid64 came up with!
Posted by revox
29/01/23 23:16

πŸ“· New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by revox
24/01/23 19:00

πŸ“· New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

Merry Christmas! πŸŽ… The Duino Team wishes you a great holiday, lots of presents and all the best wishes for the upcoming year! On the Discord server you can find a 20x500 DUCO giveaway and a new mining rig contest!
Posted by revox
25/12/22 11:40

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