🍾 Release 4.0 is out and happy new year! Hey everyone! It's time for the last announcement for 2023.
  • Release 4.0 is out and it's quite big. Most importantly you can now use the universal and improved ESP code. The PC and AVR Miners have also been updated to fix some of the bugs and provide more user friendly experience. More details and download links on our GitHub. Please note that you should now use the latest esp32 library version instead of the ancient 2.0.1 for the best results. Visit our updated getting started guides to get started easily.
  • Reward system has been reworked, Raspberry Pi and PC mining buffed and earnings recalculated. They should be much more fair now and how they used to be in previous years.
  • Have a great 2024 everyone! And thanks for staying with us this year. Whether you're a miner, trader or a tinkerer, we hope you found Duino entertaining and extended your hobby list thanks to us. Let's hope the next year will be even better!
  • And last but not least, you can use code RELEASE4 on store.duinocoin.com to get -10% off your order. Maybe a Duino-Coin mug would fit your kitchen in the new year?
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    31/12/23 19:32

    🎄 The Duino Team wishes everyone Happy Christmas!
    Posted by revox
    24/12/23 20:19

    🍌 FluffySwap  accepts Banano now!
    Posted by revox
    16/12/23 12:44

    🎉 Sell limits increase I'd like to announce that wrap/exchange limits have been increased for everyone. Regular users can now exchange up to 1000 DUCO and users who have bought sell upgrades have higher limits respectively (10 000 and 40 000 DUCO) 🎉
    Posted by revox
    11/12/23 7:16

    🆕 Release 3.9 and more updates • Today we'd like to announce that Release 3.9 is out. It's the last one from the 3.x series and has been created to make all the changes done since the last one upstream and easily available.
    There's no need to update if you don't want to, but staying up to date is always suggested. Get it from our GitHub.
    • Please note there is no change in the ESP8266 and ESP32 codes, but it's the last release with the ESP codes separate - I'm working on a unified code for both platforms with better performance with one of the contributors - stay tuned.
    • In the wallet you should see a new event named Weekend reward frenzy - each weekend there will be a mining rewards boost active!
    • API/Server unreliability has been fixed - we've had some issues, but for the past week it's been going on smoothly after our latest changes
    • I'm in the process of recalculating the rewards as stated in the last announcement, expect some earnings shenanigans happening until it's done.
    • wDUCO, maticDUCO, bscDUCO and celoDUCO wrappers are operational again - thanks, @yanis! That's it for now, happy mining!
    Posted by revox
    09/12/23 20:35

    ❄️ Winter is coming Feeling nostalgic? Check out the Retro 95 theme that has just been added to the web wallet. Please also welcome the winter theming in adaptive & glossy themes and other small quality of life improvements.
    Earnings calculator from the 2021 version of the wallet is back and will be soon updated to serve accurate data to plan your rig expansion (after reward and difficulty redesign/recalculation that I'm currently doing to make rewards more like they used to be).
    Posted by revox
    29/11/23 17:32

    🎃 Spooktober events Halloween is slowly getting close so we've introduced a Halloween theme to the Wallet (it should enable automatically when you visit the page, if not - enable it in the settings) and our Discord server.
    I'd like to inform you all that there will be spooky giveaways going on in #Giveaways and we're organizing a Halloween Rig contest - post your themed mining setups in #📸-mining-rigs and we'll select a few winners that will receive up to 100K DUCO.
    Other than that, here are a few changes that have been done lately:
    • For a limited time, your miners can find extra coins during mining - Pumpkin blocks that reward you 28 DUCO
    • Unverified users can mine with up to 8 mining slots (verified - no changes - 50 slots)
    • Staked funds are now locked for 42 days to further reduce staking weight in the ecosystem - this will probably be changed even further in the future.
    • Wallet will now display notices about misconfigured/too many miners
    • @Duino STARTER and @Duino BlushyBox users have access to a unique channel: #🤗-duino-supporters
    Posted by revox
    22/10/23 12:00

    📷 Spread the word and get rewarded If you're a content creator, you can submit your work to our creators' corner! You can submit 📷 YouTube videos, 💬 blog posts, ✍️ articles and other content related to Duino-Coin. We'll review your work and send you DUCO as a reward or even place it on our website or Discord server.
    👉 More info on Content Creators' Corner
    Posted by revox
    14/10/23 22:50

    🔚 Sale of BlushyBox has ended Thanks to everyone who ordered one and expect your shipment in the upcoming weeks - see the e-mail you received after ordering (some blushyboxes have been already delivered 😎)
    Posted by revox
    4/10/23 18:45

    😊 Meet BlushyBox Possibly the most eye-catching Duino-Coin miner available with a real, backlit hashrate gauge. More info on starter.duinocoin.com
    Posted by revox
    17/09/23 12:30

    🎉 A few more updates! 👉 Expanded our mining horizons with the addition of coffee-pool-2 and star-pool-2 for the EU region = faster and more efficient mining for y'all! 🚀
    👉 148 suggestions gathered during the 2023 new year pool are finally being read, executed, and rewarded. Check your wallet if you've left a suggestion there - your input makes Duino-Coin better! (Unfortunately, not all news is good news: suggestions collected during the May 2022 pool are lost...)
    👉 Block rewards are enabled again! Mine Duino-Coin and find great rewards once more!
    Posted by revox
    29/08/23 00:11

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