👉 @Pakiezel made yet another Duino-related help video!
Posted by revox
22/11/22 16:10

📷 New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

Spooky halloween everyone! Guinea pigs are awesome ❤️
Posted by Yennefer
29/10/22 20:29

🎃 Duino-Coin troubleshooting video by Pakiezel @Pakiezel just posted a troubleshooting video that may help if you face problems. Besides that, we're starting weekly events. This week all PC miners got a 10% reward boost and there's a contest for the best spooky rig posted on our Discord 👻
Posted by revox
18/10/22 15:58

📷 New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

🏆 New Duino-Coin video by Pakiezel!
Posted by revox
16/09/22 14:30

🍓 WIZnet RP2040 Duino mining stack
WIZnet recently made an example hardware of a Duino-coin miner board; they will be showing it off at the next Raspberry Pi Event in UK 🇬🇧 next weekend. More info about it can be found on their GitHub and this YouTube video.
Posted by revox
16/09/22 18:37

🎉 Achievement system Achievement system has been added to all Duino-Coin accounts.
For now, a limited amount of them is available, but we'll be adding much more of them in the upcoming days 😃
You can find them by clicking the new 🏆 symbol in your wallet.
P.S. Some achievements give rewards! 😎
Posted by revox
15/09/22 19:48

📷 New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

☁️ My new project is out! Tired of playing around with different exchange services? Let us do the job for you. FluffySwap is a very fast and simple crypto exchange with current market rates - visit the page for more info!
P.S. Duino-Coin is listed!
P.P.S. Even more coins will be coming in the following days, I need to rest a bit now :D
Posted by revox
4/09/22 13:30

New getting started guides finally available More descriptive steps with GIFs and config creators for ESP8266/32 will be excellent for newcomers. This took me a long time to make, and there are definitely things to improve, but I'll leave it to you guys - things are (as always) on GitHub - try them yourself!
Posted by revox
28/08/22 13:20

🔩 Learn how to design a Duino-Coin miner PCB with iNimbleSloth!
Posted by revox
25/08/22 23:00

📷 Pakiezel's video about Duino turning 3 years old just came out!
Posted by revox
16/08/22 14:30

👕 Limited merch On our store you can now find new designs celebrating our third anniversary. They will disappear from the site when August ends, so don't wait for too long!
Some of the designs were designed by @Pakiezel - kudos to him!
Posted by revox
12/08/22 13:21

📷 New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

🎥 Many infos! Heeelllloooo miners! Time for a new announcement (oh no, again? YES!)
🤩 Firstly - I'd like to announce that Release 3.3 is out, the main changes are node-related and already apply to all miners (like adaptive ping compensation so you don't have to worry about network delays anymore), but you can also reflash your ESP8266 miners with the new code to get double the performance (and slightly increased earnings 😎) - download it here
📰 Duino-Coin has been recently featured in the German heise.de magazine - read the article here (paid) or view the webpage with news, tutorials and tips (free)
🥳 It's august - which means that Duino-Coin will be turning 3 years old this month. We will be hosting giveaways, events, releasing new merch and updates this month - stay tuned!
📥 Our Magi wallet now supports automatic wraps to WXMG (that can be traded on PancakeSwap - visit our wallet or learn more about WXMG by @Bujonek!
👉 We have a bit more free time because of summer, so we can work on new stuff - remember to place your ideas in the suggestions channel on Discord, best ones may get rewarded!
That's it for today, cya! 😊
Posted by revox
7/08/22 01:01

🎥 New Duino-Coin video by JK Rolling!
Posted by revox
30/07/22 18:48

Webminer update & dream-pool notice The Official Web Miner now has midstate caching (like the regular PC Miner) making it at least twice as fast.
Dream-pool-1 has been removed from the node list as the owner didn't update it or respond for three months. Anyone mining on it should restart their miners so they reconnect to a working node.
Posted by revox
26/07/22 11:25

📷 New Duino-Coin showcase by Pakiezel!
Posted by Bilaboz

📷 New Duino-Coin video by Pakiezel
Posted by revox
11/07/22 23:33

💼 Duino-Coin interview on Bitcourier New interview with me (revox) about Duino-Coin is now available on Bitcourier - read it here. Huge thanks to @chris for interviewing me!
Posted by revox
8/07/22 16:06

📞 The Duino Mini Miner The Duino-Coin Mini Miner has been released in alpha testing stage!
👉 What is it? It's a bare-bones webminer that uses only older technology (e.g. HTML 4.0) and is designed to run on limited devices such as old mobile phones! More information below.
👉 Can it run on my Nokia? possibly yes! I'm successfully mining with a Nokia Lumia 610 and a Samsung GT-S3350 (released in 2010!)
👉 How to start? get an internet connection and navigate to https://server.duinocoin.com/miniminer.html (HTTPS) or (HTTP) on your phone!
The project will be posted on GitHub so you guys can improve it too.
Let me know if it works on your archaic brick 😃
Note: for now the miner doesn't give any rewards, but you will be able to see it in your wallet. Rewards now enabled
Posted by revox
3/07/22 17:20

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