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revoxsvko 20/09/21 15:52

New release
Hey there, new version 2.7.3 is out containing the latest improvements that have been done over the past 12 days, updating is not required if your miners work fine although we advise to do so to enjoy the new features and improvements. Download release 2.7.3

revoxsvko 17/09/21 21:47

Exchange rates have been decreased
Because we run too fast out of liquidity (thank big sellers) we had to decrease the exchange rates on DUCO Exchange (temporarily). One solution to this problem may be to bring back the donation feature in the miners, we will see.

revoxsvko 9/09/21 16:57

All pools back operational
Pools are starting to sync again, we will continue to monitor the situation
The main server is having network issues and thus the pools are not syncing, the REST API may be slow. Sorry for the downtime - we're working on it, but it seems that the problem is not from our side (but our vps provider).

bilaboz 7/09/21 19:33

Arduino hotfix
If your Arduino boards are still disconnecting with 2.7.1, please try the AVR Miner from the 2.7.2 hotfix release Big thanks to @gsr.gabriel for spotting and correcting this bug!
Other than that, I'm happy to announce that all pools are syncing correctly now.

revoxsvko 5/09/21 12:26

New release
Hey there, if you're facing AVR or PC mining problems, please try the new release 2.7.1 that should hopefully fix most of them.
Happy mining!

Yennefer & revoxsvko 4/09/21 14:08

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