๐Ÿ’ง New faucets First ever Coin Magi (XMG) faucet (made by me) is now available: magi.duinocoin.com/faucet. New Duino-Coin (DUCO) faucet (made by Techcrafter): techcrafter.de/faucet.
Update: The official Duino faucet is available again.
Posted by revox
14/05/22 17:36

๐Ÿ‹ Version 3.18 is finally available as a standalone release If you haven't updated yet from 3.0 or earlier, we suggest to do so, as the new version includes secure mining key support, IoT functions and other small improvements and bugfixes. Grab the new release here.
Posted by revox
3/05/22 10:36

๐Ÿ† New activities related to DUCO & Kolka infos ๐Ÿ’ฑ Trade celoDUCO to mCUSD on Ubeswap: info.ubeswap.org/pair/celoDUCO-mCUSD
๐ŸŽฐ Spend Duino-Coins in a fully-featured Duino Casino by @naburov: duino-casino.online
โ›๏ธ Watch Duino-Coin mining rig with build instructions and PCB gerber files by @luigigastinel: youtu.be./F1dyvEADuUI
Hey, so to be honest I'd like to apologize - Kolka rewards haven't been working correctly for a few weeks or even months.
Since Bilaboz is working on (yet another!) database migration on the main server which should make it even smoother, I thought I will take a look at the kolka % drop issues you guys reported in the forms created by Yennefer.
After I did some testing with multiple miners the results were way off from the expected numbers.
I pushed a few changes (really small - no wonder I didn't notice them earlier!) to the pools code an now it seems to work properly. I'm currently updating all the nodes I have access to (all excluding diskos and dream, they will take a bit longer to update) that should, at least mostly, fix the kolka issues.
Sorry for that, I'll also take a look at other issues asap.
Posted by revox
24/04/22 15:29

๐Ÿ“ท @Pakiezel just posted a new community rig showcase video!
Posted by revox
19/04/22 15:02

๐Ÿ™‹ Report current problems Hi again! I've got a survey for you again, but this one is different. Please tell us what problems are you facing now (if any). We already knew about your main problems with Duino-Coin, but I want to know with my team what are you going through currently. The link: https://forms.gle/EDoi5B5MdVCWcFwK7
Have a nice day!
Posted by Yennefer
10/04/22 15:34

โ›… Duino IoT Beta Duino IoT is now publicly available in beta phase. You can connect a thermometer or other sensor to your device and have the information displayed directly in your wallet! For now we have a basic, official support for temperature+humidity sensor (DHT11/22). To use it, download the latest ESP8266/32 code source and follow the code comments. More sensors and options will be supported in the future (we're open for feedback!)
Posted by revox
10/04/22 12:34

๐Ÿ“ Community feedback form Hi everyone, I would like you to do us a favor by giving us some feedback by visiting this Google form!
Posted by Yennefer
5/04/22 16:52

๐Ÿ“ธ Duino-Coin Mini documentary @Pakiezel made first ever short documentary about Duino-Coin telling the story of how it all started based on insights from the lead devs!
Posted by Bilaboz
5/04/22 14:48

๐Ÿ’ฆ New, verified community-made content Additionally, in the web wallet shop you can now find items that can slightly boost your Kolka rewards. Please note this feature is still experimental and may be changed/adjusted (or removed) in the near future.
Posted by revox
3/04/22 10:45

๐Ÿ˜‚ Big, important and fully serious announcement!!! We're introducing Introducing Duino-Coin Steps Miner! This brilliant invention by @Pakiezel will replace the conventional mining methods with eco-friendly human work ๐Ÿ€ ๐ŸŒฉ๏ธ ! Fr though, we're launching a giveaway - enter in the ๐ŸŽ-giveaways channel of our Discord.
Edit: april fools!
Posted by revox
1/04/22 07:57

A few short updates Transactions from faucets and bots will now use xxhash hashes instead of sha1 to save space - 40 bytes is really a lot for non-important transactions when we take into consideration a few transactions a minute sometimes.
As many of you also noticed, you can now use the item shop inside the Web Wallet (which also should be more optimized and work better since a few days) in which you will be able to buy various items and services that will change some things about your Duino-Coin account. For now the changes are only cosmetic but soon we will introduce buyable kolka upgrades and similar stuff (we're open for suggestions!).
Since I'm already here, it's worth noting that release 3.1 (or 3.2, depends) will be released in the upcoming weeks, aiming to provide even more security with mining. Many of you probably saw that there's not much development going on lately, but you should know that we also have school and/or work to take care of first; also - if something works well enough there's no need to change it - for now.
Have a good day/night!
Posted by revox
29/03/22 22:23

๐Ÿ’ Happy intl women's day and mining key introduction The Duino Team sends the best wishes to all woman's in our communities! Remember you're wonderful and adorable, strong and sweet - and most importantly, you're all the best!!!! Happy international women's day ๐Ÿงก
You can now setup a separate mining password (key) for better security. Read more about it in the my miners section in your web wallet. This is not a breaking change - older miners can specify their password in the rig name after a colon (:) and setting a mining key is not required, although recommended.
Posted by revox
8/03/22 16:35

Infos Hey everyone! Long time no see, huh?
Firstly, wanted to let you all know officially that we support Ukraine and we will try to help much as we can when it helps to helping them even by donating, but we won't be blocking any countries anymore as Duino-Coin is meant to be for everyone and "regular" people are not to blame for the conflict.
Second, we know the russian-speaking Duino community always had trouble organizing in the english channels of our Discord and many unofficial groups appeared. This lead to spreading misinformation or falling into scams these groups made, so with the kindness of Dechimmo and a few other users, we decided to make their server an official place for russian speaking users: discord.gg/nn9zFeKuPn
Next thing - as some of you probably saw already, revox introduced Duino staking yesterday. You can freeze your DUCOs to earn passive rewards; this process helps in controlling the coin circulation, the effects of which should become clear in the future. See the online wallet for more info.
Last but not least, we'd like to apologize for not much going on with the development lately, but we all are pretty busy with school and work. This doesn't mean new things aren't coming - we are preparing some Kolka updates, Internet of Things integrations, Coin Magi updates and other various improvements.
That's it for now, stay safe and have a great day!
Posted by Yennefer
6/03/22 11:33

Happy valentine's day! Hello everyone! What a lovely day today ๐Ÿ˜„
We'd like to announce that ducopay by @issechan is ready to be used in alpha state. It's a payment gateway for Duino (something like PayPal) that allows easy payment integrations. Read more about it here.
Second thing we'd like to share is a new user to user, decentralized exchange - Furime P2P by @Furim. You can trade duino and tron (and soon nano) with other users. No limits, no fixed prices - have fun: exchange.furim.xyz.
Lastly, the whole Duino-Coin Team wishes you all a happy valentine's day, whether you celebrate it with someone or alone, you can always take part in a new giveaway starting in ๐ŸŽ-giveaways channel of or Discord soon ๐Ÿฅฐ
P.S. Node-S exchange is shutting down as @Connor2 (the Node-S owner) does not have enough time to focus on it. Please withdraw your DUCO from it as soon as possible.
Posted by revox
14/02/22 13:50

Latest informations Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday - I really appreciate it! I hope stuff won't get too difficult since I'm 18 now, but we will see.
As announced, since yesterday, the 2.X miners are deprecated.
Ldarki has recently added a session token instead of passwords to stop you guys complaining that they're stored inside cookies. As a result you need to unfortunately login every hour. I still don't know what was wrong with the previous method and I never received a good response from anyone complaining, but oh well.
Info from Yanis, the tokenized DUCO chains maintainer: bscDUCO now has a wrap fee (and minimum wrap) of 500 DUCO, which is meant to cover operating costs (over the last year we spent over 1000$ paying YOUR fees). If you try to wrap an amount BELOW 500 DUCO, it will be returned to your account.
Furim has recently released a beta version of his chat app based on Duino-Coin - chat.furim.xyz.
Posted by revox
1/02/22 11:31

Release 3.0 is out Huge release 3.0 is finally out. It includes a lot of performance improvements in comparison to the 2.X version, for example a Raspberry Pi 4 should now achieve up to 9 MH/s, an Arduino performs 220 H/s, ESP boards self-host a mini dashboard for quick health checks, etc. Full changelog and download links are available on GitHub.
Note: upgrading to this release is required. Servers will stop accepting version 2.X miners in a few weeks.
Posted by revox
17/01/22 17:42

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