New designs in our store Christmas is slowly approaching so it may be a great idea to buy yourself (or someone!) some Duino (& Magi) related merch! Today a few new designs have been added and the price of some items has been lowered in our official store - see for yourself:!
Posted by revox
6/12/21 23:04

Updates Kolka rules have been updated yesterday according to suggestions we've received. Now, the kolka drop starts on the 4th miner instead of the 1st one. Additionally latency to the pools should be improved now. I'm also reminding that the issue reward (described below in the news) is still going. @ProtoThis released a new Duino-Coin Android app that in the future will support both Magi and Duco - get the beta version from Google Play
Posted by revox
21/11/21 11:00

Bounties for bug finders (and bug fixers) As we announced some time ago, we're starting the bounty project for anyone that can find issues or fix them. We also think it's a great accomplishment you will be able to flex with, so check if you see anything that can be improved. If you will do well, we may even invite you to the development team.
What's rewarded?
- serious bugs or issues that can lead to potential security faults or other harmful situations (Mostly node/pool codes)
- less important software bugs (PC Miner, AVR Miner, wallets) that make using duco less enjoyable
- missing documentation, inconsistent translations, site improvements - anything that could be improved
- any issue you fix by submitting a pull request/commit (that is 'good' quality) will also be get rewarded
- well described feature requests or possible improvements
How to organize the issues?
Use our GitHub repository for submitting issues and pull requests. Make sure you include you DUCO username and tell that you're taking part in the bounty. You can ping me or other devs on GitHub so I can review the changes and reward you.
What are the rewards?
Depending on how serious the issue is (or the quality of your fix for it) we will be sending 5 to 5000 DUCO to each participant.
Happy developing!
Posted by revox
19/11/21 11:53

Release 2.7.4 is out For changelog see the GitHub page. Grab the new release here. Raspberry Pi users can update by typing git pull in the Terminal while being in the duino-coin directory
Posted by revox
15/11/21 21:28

Kolka % drop community poll The promised poll about possible Kolka drop percent adjustment is here:
Posted by revox
13/11/21 17:25

Updates Rewards back to normal, community poll about new efficiency drop %s coming soon. Exchange rates adjusted (but it's only the beginning) You guys depleted ALL of TRX and BCH liquidity (around 300$ total), congrats. Now I know I shouldn't have done that. New work organization for the team in progress. Volounteers welcome - see if you can do anything on GitHub. New release coming soon too.
Posted by revox
8/11/21 21:09

Web Wallet refresh The online wallet look has been refreshed, mainly to make the miner section more organized and make the design more consistent. It's still not fully finished, so expect a few changes/additions and optimizations in the upcoming days. More news soon.
Posted by revox
6/11/21 12:50

Duino-Coin + Coin Magi Online Wallet for Coin Magi (XMG) - our sister coin - has been released in beta phase.
I've been working on it for the past few days and it should be more or less usable - try it out here: and let me know how do you like the design and what to improve.
Posted by revox
16/10/21 16:07

Some updates I've had some time today in which I was able to optimize the REST API - as a result, the server load dropped from about 60% to 40% and all the services using it (e.g. the Web Wallet) should load faster now 💨. I also got some that the voting for Duino-Coin getting listed on has been accepted, which sounds cool - we will wait for more updates 💰. I also prepared a list for myself of things to do and expand in the next weeks related to Duino, because all these random scenarios that happened lately kinda threw me out of my work rhytm 📋. Release 2.7.5 should be out soon with mostly ESP codes improvements done by @ProtoThis - big thanks to him ♐. Happy mining everyone and see you soon! ☀️
Posted by revox
13/10/21 23:36

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