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bscDUCO and maticDUCO
I've received some messages that bscDUCO and maticDUCO wraps do not work. It's most probably because the wrapper ran out of funds to pay the transaction fees. Developer responsible of wrappedDUCO chains development has been already notified and he should take care of it soon. From what I know, all pending wraps should complete once the wrappers get refilled.
Posted by revox
9/10/21 20:05

Things should be more or less operational
It looks like the DDoS attack has stopped. As with all similar situations, we have learned a lot, which should help us in the future. I know some services (e.g. pulse-pool) haven't recovered fully yet, but everything should be back soon (during the upcoming days as we are strenghtening the security settings). Let's hope it goes well, thanks to everyone who helped us on Discord! P.S. - I know pools may not sync the workers, this should be fixed soon. I'm assuring that earnings go to your wallets (the sync data for earnings and workers is separate).
Posted by revox
4/10/21 21:22

Exchange updates
LKE and NANO pairs on DUCO Exchange have received QuickExchange support (other pairs will get that functionality in the not so far future). We also should be able to adjust the prices a bit soon. We're also speaking with team to list DUCO on that exchange.
Posted by revox
27/09/21 17:45

New Duino-Coin videos

by JK Rolling

by Karl's Electronics

by The Common Channel

Also I'm reminding that if you have recently created a Duino-Coin related video, e-mail us and we will happily add it to the news section 😎
Posted by revox
20/09/21 15:52

New release
Hey there, new version 2.7.3 is out containing the latest improvements that have been done over the past 12 days, updating is not required if your miners work fine although we advise to do so to enjoy the new features and improvements. Download release 2.7.3
Posted by revox
17/09/21 21:47

Exchange rates have been decreased
Because we run too fast out of liquidity (thank big sellers) we had to decrease the exchange rates on DUCO Exchange (temporarily). One solution to this problem may be to bring back the donation feature in the miners, we will see.
Posted by revoxsvko
9/09/21 16:57

All pools back operational
Pools are starting to sync again, we will continue to monitor the situation
The main server is having network issues and thus the pools are not syncing, the REST API may be slow. Sorry for the downtime - we're working on it, but it seems that the problem is not from our side (but our vps provider).
Posted by bilaboz
7/09/21 19:33

Arduino hotfix
If your Arduino boards are still disconnecting with 2.7.1, please try the AVR Miner from the 2.7.2 hotfix release Big thanks to @gsr.gabriel for spotting and correcting this bug!
Other than that, I'm happy to announce that all pools are syncing correctly now.
Posted by revoxsvko
5/09/21 12:26

New release
Hey there, if you're facing AVR or PC mining problems, please try the new release 2.7.1 that should hopefully fix most of them.
Happy mining!
Posted by Yennefer & revoxsvko
4/09/21 14:08

StarPool is unavailable as it's having memory problems - we're working on that. PulsePool is back online.

Bilaboz 3/09/21 14:01

Voting ended with photo verification as a chosen vote (3/09/21)
Because of the ever going cheater problem, with the help of community, we've come up with two possible ideas on stopping them:
1. Make the AVR and ESP codes fully closed source (we would only ship the .bin files), no user modification available.
OR 2. Require a photo verification (somewhere in the wallet) of your rig before you can start mining on anything other than a PC, source codes would be kept fully public.
Vote which one would be better to implement on our Discord in the #announcements channel.

revox 31/08/21 10:03

Release 2.7 is out with AVR mining experimentally enabled again, we will see if there will be any more issues. Get it here. If your PC/ESP miners are working fine there's no need to update.

revox 30/08/21 00:51

I added QuickExchange support to DUCO-BCH and TRX pair on duco exchange for selling. Let me know it there will be any issues. I also re-made some e-mail messages we send and I'll try to fix the ESP32 reward problem (in a few minutes). You can also now browse the miners and transactions in the explorer, although I'm still not satisfied with this look and will probably change it soon πŸ˜›

revox 28/08/21 22:13

ESP8266 rewards should be more or less correct now. I'm not sure about the state of ESP32 mining yet πŸ€”

revox 27/08/21 18:36

ESP and PC mining is online again β˜‘οΈ
AVRs (Arduinos need to wait 🚫
Please keep in mind that rewards are still logarythmic so they are not as high as they should be ⚠️
Registration of new wallets is available again in the webwallet β˜‘οΈ
And to anyone wondering, my trip to Łódź was very cool!! 😎

revox 25/08/21 15:16

Rollback Due to the issues you all know about from the messages above and because of not receiving or coming up with any better ideas, we had to rollback all accounts to yesterday 0:00 ⚠️
I think you prefer losing a few ducos instead of having all the supply inflated with the almost 2.000.000 duco.
Mining will be disabled until we figure out what happened with presumably one of the pools β›οΈπŸš«
Shut down your miners to not waste electricity and wait until the situation stabilizes πŸ”Œ
There will be a new release for probably all miners in the next few days.
I won't be available tomorrow much as I'm going to visit our Duino Princess for the first time πŸš†
We have to somehow get this back on track - pun definitely not intended β˜‘οΈ

revox 23/08/21 20:09

Reward change I had to change the rewards to logarythmic, meaning that Arduinos no longer earn the most, neither do ESPs. Why was it needed? Someone does not get the point in this project and is trying to break everything - you can thank him. Will that stay? I don't know - see my message below. And also, don't forget to call me a scammer, because of course I earn tons of money from that project. I wish we did any. Like for real, I don't even have a bank account because I'm 17 and there's none in my village. Anyway, I will need someone with ideas on what to do

revox 22/08/21 22:58

Help It's already fixed and does not have relation with any overloading since we have quite a few pools now. I just wanted to say that it's really hard for me to keep everything even running, there's constant work and I'm starting to go crazy + there are more and more people that do not get the point, even after adding a clear statement on the main website. I'm starting to really regret making this because of time wasted trying to please everyone. Can anyone suggest me what to do

revox 22/08/21 21:39

Sync issues should be fixed Last two days we were busy figuring out what's going on with some of the pools not syncing with the master server properly. This should be now fixed, although I'll still be actively watching the situation to see how things go on and push fixes as needed.
I'd also like to thank you all, because all these problems come just because we're growing really really fast and it's still a shock for me to see Duino being so successful. We have recently passed 20.000 registered accounts and 4000 members on Discord which is just awesome. I'll be hosting some competitions soon!

revox 19/08/21 22:07

ESP32 code with automatic pool fetching Similarly to the ESP8266, the ESP32 can now automatically fetch the best pool. Please read the news below for further explaination. Here's the link to the new ESP32 code

revox 17/08/21 11:05

Important ESP8266 code update I think I've finally found the cause of the sync problems, and that is the way nodejs handles thread switching, which is quite different than python and that causes the node to struggle with finding time to sync when there are lots of clients coming at once. Since all ESP8266s and 32s have the port 6000 hard-coded instead of using the /getPool API request, the pool is bombarded with constant requests and can't sync even once. I didn't think it would be a problem at first, but time showed that it is, so I've updated the ESP8266 code on GitHub to get the least loaded pool automatically (just like the AVR and PC miner do it). For that I used a part of @ricaun's code, so big thanks for him.
TL:DR: Any ESP8266 miners that have issues with connecting to the pool, please upload the new code to their boards (or wait until the majority of people moves to other pools and the 6000 port will be less crowded once again). Here's the link to the new ESP8266 code

revox 16/08/21 21:08

Access issues Wallet is be temporarily down as there's an issue with the vps and I'm waiting for the provider to respond. I have no idea how long it will take
Update: Master server is partially back online, our provider for the main vps (Scaleway) is just having issues. PulsePool is fine (PulseHeberg) I'm not sure when it will be fully fixed, here's their status page

revox 15/08/21 18:16

New trading pairs Welcome NANO and FujiCoin in the official DUCO Exchange πŸ”₯

revox 15/08/21 18:16

Release 2.6.1 is out, the only changes are fixes in the discord rich presence, corrected efficiency setting and a macOS release (finally). If 2.6 is working fine for you, no need to update. You can get it here 🌴

revox 14/08/21 20:40

No more worker limits Since the mining part of kolka has been recently updated, there's no longer need for worker limits and/or multiple account limits, so from now on, the worker limit is raised to a high value and alt accounts will no longer be banned as they don't give any advantages. Happy mining! β˜€οΈ
We're also coming close to 4k members on Discord and 20k users on the whole network, so some giveaways and other events will be coming soon - stay tuned.

revox 13/08/21 10:48

Webminer & mobile app fixed. Tommorow I'm finally going on a small vacation so DUCO Exchange requests and responses from my side will be delayed by a few days
Update: I'm back from vacations and the Pulse Pool mining issue has been fixed with help from Bilaboz

revox 7/08/21 19:01

Duino-Coin on Binance Smart Chain Please note that there is currently an issue with bscDUCO wrapper and the creator of bscDUCO (yanis) needs to fix it, but we haven't heard from him yet. Please wait until the situation gets resolved. Hey there! We've recently created bscDUCO (Duino-Coin on the Binance Smart Chain, similar to wDUCO). Since it is still in beta phase, please dont wrap large amounts, but here's a text tutorial on how to wrap your DUCOs to bscDUCOs (and a video tutorial).
Links: Unwrapper Token on bscscan Exchange or provide liquidity on PancakeSwap
Have fun!

revox 5/08/21 23:43

Possible mining issues Pulsepool is down but I don't have any control over it, so I can't do much - we need to wait for Bilaboz
Update: For the time being, I enabled mining on the master server, but it won't work as good as the pool
Update: All issues fixed

revox 3/08/21 14:50

How it's going This evening I had some time and I tried to fix the not updating balance issue - I hope it will work fine now. I'm constantly busy with either helping my family and other non-duino related stuff, so I'm not able to much currently. Tommorow or in the upcoming days I'll try to work on few duco-exchange issues, but I'm again slowly starting to get tired of everything. I don't know, we will see.
Also damn, it's already August and I'm wasting my vacations, as always I'd say, but I guess I deserve it
Update 10:18: Because of a quite big issue with the accounts I had to rollback a few hours

revox 2/08/21 00:06

Release 2.6 Every AVR miner should update theirs software to the new version: download release 2.6

revox 30/07/21 16:21

Webwallet fix I'm still constantly busy with irl work but during the evenings I had some spare time in which I fixed the webwallet response times and improved the design a bit. I will be taking care of other things later.

revox 29/07/21 19:52

New Duino-Coin video by revox

revox 24/07/21 00:15

22/07/21 18:04: Release 2.5.7 is out

This update, as usual brings some improvements and bugfixes that have been done over the past 12 days. Get it here.


22/07/21 18:04: Mining rig contest winners

The competition has come to an end with 17 winners, view their rigs here. I hope that was fun, we may do more contests soon.


20/07/21 11:52: Mining rig contest 🏁

There's 2k DUCO left gathered from Kolka so I decided to organize a contest - post your mining rig in the #πŸ“Έ-mining-rigs channel in our Discord server, I will choose the best looking and the most power-friendly one in a few days. Winner gets juicy 2000 DUCO πŸ˜‰ Results will be announced here and on the Discord.


18/07/21 18:57: Duino-Coin store is out πŸ₯‚

Hello everyone, we've released a store in which you can buy official Duino merch πŸ‘•


16/07/21 10:27: Review us

Hey, how's everyone doing? While browsing the internet today I've seen that for some reason we have a very low trust score, so I encourage to honestly review us: and Thanks in advance 🧑🧑 Rewards should be fixed now, and more cool stuff coming soon πŸ‘€


14/07/21 16:51: Site updates

Hey, yes it's me, firstly, I'm really thankful to everyone who messaged me in the last days, I know I need to change the way I care about some people and I'll try to take notes from some tips I've received. Today I managed to refresh the explorer page (, webwallet ( and also DUCO exchange is back online ( - but please don't spam me with too many requests 😊 I'm planning to increase the BCH exchange rates soon. Have a good day everyone!


13/07/21 18:43:

Over the past two days I received numerous private messages and e-mails saying that it's better when I'm in the dev team. They were accompanied with lots of kind words and I probably haven't responded yet to everyone - about that I'm really sorry, but I read everything - sometimes maybe too much. I was really thinking that maybe after some changes in the way we work and better planning, I would be able to return and we would be further pushing with the development, but today I'm really hopeless. I hear that I care too much, and maybe it's right, but I just want good for everyone. Anyone wanting to know why all of this is happening, here are some of the reasons: I have no clue what to do anymore. Private life doesn't help. A lot of work went into Duino and looks like it's still isn't enough for people to appreciate it.


11/07/21 22:32:

I'm really thinking of leaving. I cannot stand the constant hate from various persons. When I think about it, they're probably right. I don't know who wants to take this project further, I guess someone from the current administration. I guess someone else would take care of this better than me. DUCO Exchange and development won't be present from my side until I decide what to do. Remember, "I'm cringe"


11/07/21 14:10: New release: 2.5.6

Release 2.5.6 is out with some improvements especially for AVR mining. Update isn't required but I encourage to do so. Get it here: release 2.5.6


8/07/21 13:17: New Duino-Coin video by The Common Channel


6/07/21 21:00: New release: 2.5.5 (Pools are here)

New release is out featuring additional nodes for PC & ESP mining, get the new version here: release 2.5.5


6/07/21 14:02: First pool is open

First pool is now open and can be accessed by using the latest pc miner from github - let's test it :p Please let us know it you encounter any issues. Update: Release 2.5.5 will be released this evening (in a few hours) with the PC miner and ESP codes supporting the pools AVR mining willl stay on the master server because of rquired strict Kolka implementations

revox & Bilaboz

6/07/21 01:18: Pools

We just finished testing first pool with Bilaboz and it all seems to work fine - if all things go well tomorrow (actually today, but it's 1 AM) we will launch it for public (actually some users of the newest miner from git tested it probably without knowing! :P)


4/07/21 22:00: Updates

We're still working on the server and finishing up the pools (last part of the master server addon is being finished by Bilaboz), the first pool will be hosted on the new vps and take the load coming from pc miners and possible later also from esp miners. Anyone wanting to help with programming should contact revox or bila on discord.


3/07/21 23:55: ESP8266 and ESP32 (again...)

Anyone having problems with ESP mining should try the new codes as a temporary fix while we wait for the pools: ESP8266 ESP32 Peace!


3/07/21 18:35: Webwallet update

Webwallet has been updated to retrieve the data faster. As always, please report any new problems on our Discord. More info about pools and VPS soon.


1/07/21 23:30: New release: 2.5.2

PC Miner users should try the latest Release 2.5.2 that implements port shuffling (YeahNotSewerSide's idea) for better connection. Raspberry Pi users can just type git pull in their terminal to automatically update.
Other than that, we're soon moving to a bit bigger VPS server and also we're expecting to launch the pool system. Big thanks to everyone who donated!


1/07/21 15:00: New Duino-Coin video by The Common Channel


28/06/21 17:30: ESP8266 and ESP32 mining

All ESP8266 and ESP32 miners are advised to upload 2.5.1 code to their boards to fix the connection issues. Other users (AVR, PC, etc.) don't need to do anything - the release is the same as 2.5. Download release 2.5.1


27/06/21: New release: 2.5 (Hotfix)

All PC and AVR miners, please update to version 2.5 to (hopefully) get some more stability. There's so little I can do without the pools being finished, but I hope it helps. Download release 2.5


27/06/21: New Duino-Coin video by The Common Channel


27/06/21: New Duino-Coin video by The Common Channel


25/06/21: Update!

Mining should work more or less without problems now. We're still not finished with doing all the changes but we will do them some time later. We also decided to add a small, unobtrusive advertisement in the web wallet and miner to help us cover the costs. We can't keep spending our own money onto the project forever, right?


24/06/21: Migration

We are starting with the final steps of the server migration. Servers are going down now for the next hour or two, please don't make any transactions. There are some issues with the configuration.


23/06/21: Another update

We're done with creating the new master node and almost done with the new REST API. We may temporarily open port 2811 for some quick tests but the mining earnings won't be saved yet. We should be able to finish it by tomorrow 20:00 UTC. More informations - as usual - will be coming soon, here and on our Discord


22/06/21: Updates

So, because of the issues we had to disable all mining to make the wallets still available. It's a difficult sitation for everyone, but as you can see a lot of people are working on fixing it. It's (as usual) my fault - I never thought of scalability (I never thought Duino would have more than 100 members). I'm sorry I fucked up with this but we're just expanding very fast. Thanks for your patience - database migrations should be finished by today or tommorow.


20/06/21: Possible accessibility issues

Server is currently being worked on (mainly by Connor), this includes database migrations and other operations that may cause it to be unstable while we're fixing the high load. Also please note that the worker limit has been temporarily set to 12 workers and the whitepaper will be soon updated to be a bit more descriptive. As always, we will keep you guys updated here and on our Discord.


17/06/21: Raspberry Pi & PC mining back online

Since I had some time today, I've managed to add caching into the rest api that made the load drop enough to re-enable lower difficulties of mining. The rewards and difficulties for Raspberry Pis aren't fully finished yet, but I'll work on them in the upcoming days. Have fun mining!


15/06/21: New Duino-Coin video by Ted Gets Bread


8/06/21: PC mining temporarily disabled

And so I'm back. Maybe some people don't like to hear this, but I'm here as it's MY project and I will take care of it. Anyway, the most important thing to tell you is that PC mining has been temporarily disabled. We'll re-enable it again probably once pools will be relased. For now, enjoy the low-power mining. Cya later, and also thanks to everyone for telling some kinds words.


6/06/21: I think I'm leaving

I'm taking a break. Peace. 7/06: No - this is not the end - because I received some messages questioning that. I'm coming back, of course when other admins will want me still. Almost all I hear are complains. People expect too much from me. I'm just not fucking enough for this. So there you go, see for yourself how easy it is do to all of this. I hope you also have school and private life like me to take care of. Honestly good luck combining these two things.


30/05/21: Possible accessibility issues

Hey there, we are aware that the server was "offline" for a few hours second time in a row, we're not sure what's causing it as there are no obvious error messages or anything. I'll keep looking, and possibly do some quick restarts shortly. Nothing to worry about.


28/05/21: New Duino-Coin video by Hidden Profits Crypto


20/05/21: Server latency improvements

Hello, I had some time today and optimized a few things in the server that should improve the ping and overall responsiveness.
Happy mining!


18/05/21: New Duino-Coin video by Daniel Jovar


12/05/21: OpenCL miner update & some news

Hey there!
If you've read the latest news, you know an OpenCL miner is in the works - I'm writing to tell that our team has managed to beat nonceMiner (fastest DUCO-S1 miner until now) in terms of speed at hashing on CPU. This doesn't mean that people using nonceMiner or the upcoming OpenCL miner earn more (Kolka system gives the miners very big difficulty to mine), it's just to show the speed. Sorry for not doing a lot of development myself lately - I have quite a lot of school stuff to do, but I'm doing what I can to fix things asap. p.s. - I hope you like the slightly refreshed wallet look.


10/05/21: Upcoming changes

Hello again!
I wanted to shortly explain what we're working on currently: firstly, YeahNotSewerSide and JoyBed are doing a great job making Duino-Coin OpenCL Miner that will allow mining on CPUs and GPUs (AVR mining stays the same). In the meantime dansinclair25 and I are working on a new API to reduce the network load. Bilaboz is making the pool system and soon we'll start work on refreshing the GUI Wallet (LDarki & HGEpro). Also we have a new dev for AVR stuff: joaquinbvw and Pripun for mobile apps - welcome!


09/05/21: Web Wallet 2.5.3

Hello everyone!
Web Wallet has been recently updated to include some new features and fix some issues.


09/05/21: Is this working?

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